Account History

Account History gives you the option to drill down to specific accounts and date ranges to view the most detailed account activity.

1. Account History Request

From the Home page, click on the Account Management option on the main Menu. The Account History page will be displayed:

Select an account from the dropdown list and any of the criteria listed below to run the report:

  • Amount:  Enter an amount on the field.
  • Amount Range:  Enter an amount range From and To fields.
  • Transaction Description: Enter a description used for the transaction.
  • Date:  Click in the date fields to manually key in the date range, or click on the calendar icons to select the date range.

Click the View button. The requested history information will be displayed at the bottom of the screen:

Account history is available for up to 2 years.

Please be aware that if you choose an account with a lot of activity or a large date range, the system will take some time to display the history.

2. Export Account History

Once the system has displayed the requested account history, you will have the option of exporting the data at the bottom of the page under the Export Report section.

Select any export Format from the dropdown

following options:

  • HTML
  • Comma Delimited: (Commonly used with Excel)
  • Tab Delimited
  • PDF
  • Plain Text

Click on 'Export' button and click on save or open on the next file download window.