1. Main Menu and Submenus

When you log-in you will arrive at the Home page. You may then navigate throughout the system using the Main menu and submenu options.


The submenu options on the Home page are:

  • User Profile
  • Preferences

Account Management:

The submenu options for Account Management are:

  • Account History
  • Account Profile

Payments & Transfers:

The submenu options for Payments & Transfers are:

  • Transfers
    • Account Transfer Templates
    • Add ACH Account
    • Transfers


The submenu options for Reporting are:

  • Payments Due and Projected
  • Drafts
  • Statement


Click Logout on the Main menu to properly exit.

2. Other Navigation

Browser 'Back' button:  We recommend that you refrain from using the 'Back' button on your browser. Using the 'Back' button on your browser may interfere with your ability to navigate. All screens contain either a 'Back' or 'Cancel' button.

* Required Field:  You will find data entry fields labeled with an asterisk '*'. The asterisk indicates that the field is a required field.

Print Screen:  You always have the option of printing the pages by using your browser Print function.


3. Main Menu Navigation

Highlighting is used to bring your attention to a particular field/section of a screen.

The navigation bar folders correspond with the Main menu (Home, Account Management, Payments & Transfers, Rates & Fixes, Approvals, Reporting). Please note that Home is listed first on the navigation bar, because it is defaulted to "Home" page upon login.