Tech Requirements



We are committed to providing you with an optimal online banking experience by keeping our site up to date with the latest technologies. We are also dedicated to keeping your online information safe and confidential. As such, we strongly recommend that you keep the internet browser you use to access online banking updated to its most current version in order to experience full functionality and security.


Why is it important to keep your web browser updated? For starters, if you are running an older outdated browser, you may not be enjoying the best browsing experience possible. You may also be opening yourself up to security vulnerabilities, compromising your computer and your financial information. These security concerns can affect both Mac and Windows users.


Benefit of updating your web browser:

  • Increased website compatibility
  • Decreased security risks
  • Faster and more responsive browsing experiences


Supported Web Browsers


Online Banking is certified to work with the latest version of the browsers listed below. Other browser versions may work, however we can provide only limited system support unless a certified browser is used.  


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome


Helpful Tips & Reminders


Check to ensure you have sufficient update privileges from your IT department prior to updating your web browser. 


Contact your IT department for help or questions about updating your web browser. may be used to identify your browser version and accessing information on how to make updates.*


What browser version do I have installed?


How to update your browser guide


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