1. ACH Reports

There are a couple of options for reviewing ACH Reports. You may decide one option best meets your needs.

Print Screens from the ACH Payments Page.

To print a report of ACH activity details included in a particular ACH batch, navigate from the Home page, by clicking on Payments & Transfers on the Main menu. The Wire Transfers page will be displayed:

Click on ACH on the submenu. The ACH Payments page will be displayed:

Locate the ACH payment transaction on the appropriate list (Pending, Completed, etc.). On the right side of the screen across from the Batch Name, locate the 'View Batch' icon . Click on the 'View Batch' icon. The View ACH Payment page will be displayed:

Using your browser printer options, change the image orientation to Landscape, and print the page.

Run an ACH Report from the Idaho AgCredit Reporting Menu.

Navigate to the ACH Reports using one of the following options:

  • Click on Reporting from the Main menu, and Payments & Transfers from the submenu.
  • Click on Payments & Transfers from the Main menu, and the Reporting button from any of the submenu pages.

Select the ACH Payments report from the list of Report Titles, and complete the appropriate data fields to generate your report.

You have the option to:

  • Select all ACH companies, or an individual ACH company.
  • Select a specific date or a range of dates.
  • Select from a list of report formats.
  • Display the report online, Export or Print.