Payments & Transfers


The Reports component enables users to generate both standard and custom reports.  Standard reports provide a small set set of common criteria, whereas custom reports provide a larger set of criteria, enabling a user to generate a more refined report.  

Payments & Transfers - provides historical and summary information on a business' transfers and bill payments.

  • Click on any of the Report Titles to open another page providing report options.  The standard report page displays.  User can generate a report based on the default criteria OR they can customize the report.
  • Click on one of the Report titles:  for example:  "Completed Wires" to open and customize a report.
  • Enter a date range.
  • Select from the drop down boxes, as appropriate.
  • Click GENERATE REPORT, a Report Result page displays the report details.
  • Use the arrow buttons to page through the report.  Alternatively, you can enter a page number to jump to a specific page.
  • NOTE:  User can choose to print or export the report.
  • Click PRINTER READY, a Print Window displays.
  • Click PRINT.


  • Click EXPORT, an export window displays requesting user to select the export format.
  • Select the export format and click EXPORT.
  • NOTE:  The default export format is HTML.