You can retrieve statements for the previous thirteen months.  Year-end statement retrieval (if applicable) is five years.

  • Shows each statement by date, type, document label, customer number and any accounts contained in the statement.
  • Action column magnifying glass allows user to open statement in PDF format.
  • Select the Statement Type to run the report
  • NOTE:  Display defaults to previous year or user can modify the date range by entering the dates or selecting the calendar dates.
  • Click VIEW.  A listing of statements is presented in reverse chronological order with most current first.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to select the statement to view. A pop up box allows the user to select Open, Save or Cancel.
  • NOTE:  If you select Open, it will appear in a new browser window if user is a Draft Customer (you can still save the statement using Adobe Reader to save as a PDF).  The statement will include images of drafts posted during the statement period.