1. CoBank Main Menu and Submenus

When you log in to CoBank you will arrive at the Home page. You may then navigate throughout the system using the Main menu and submenu options.


The submenu options on the Home page are:

  • Alerts
  • User Profile
  • Preferences

Account Management:

The submenu options for Account Management are:

  • Account History
  • Rule Sets

Payments & Transfers:

The submenu options for Payments & Transfers are:

  • Wire
  • Transfers

The submenu options for Rates & Fixes are:

  • Rates & Fixes
  • Investment Rates
  • Fix Activity


The submenu option for Approvals is:

  • Pending Approvals


The submenu options for Reporting are:

  • Account
  • Settlement
  • Portfolio
  • Statement
  • Maturity
  • Payment
  • Audit

Log Out:

Click the Log Out link in the upper right hand corner of the screen to properly exit CoBank.

2. Other CoBank Navigation

We recommend that you refrain from using the 'Back' button on your browser. Using the 'Back' button on your browser may interfere with your ability to navigate within CoBank. All screens contain either a 'Back' or 'Cancel' button.

Throughout CoBank you will find data entry fields labeled with an asterisk “*”. The asterisk indicates that the field is a required field.

Many pages have a Printer icon on right hand corner of the dashboard for printing the contents of the page.   Many of the pages that contain lists of transactions have the ability to export the data in to a standard format type from which you can then print using "printer ready" button.

InvestLine accounts. Many CoBank functions require you to select a CoBank account for posting. Please note that InvestLine accounts are noted with an asterisk “*” in the drop down fields. Loan accounts include the agreement number for identification (e.g. S01).

3. Main Menu Navigation

Highlighting is used to bring your attention to a particular field/section of a CoBank screen.

The navigation bar folders correspond with the CoBank Main menu (Home, Account Management, Payments & Transfers, Rates & Fixes, Approvals, Reporting). Please note that Home is listed first on the navigation bar, because it is defaulted to"Home" page upon login.